How to Manually Remove Malware

How to Manually Remove Malware

You hope that it doesn’t happen to you, but the fact is that every time you go on to the Internet, your laptop PC might get infected by malicious software known as malware. This software is specifically designed to do some kind of harm to your computer, such as stealing your files and personal information, erasing the hard drive or spying on what you are writing and/or creating on your laptop. That said, here’s how to manually remove malware from your computer.

You can download free anti-malware software online that can help you remove many malware programs from your laptop and make it safe to use again. So, if trouble strikes on your computer, here’s what you can do:

  1. Restart the computer while tapping the F8 key several times. Select the Safe Mode with Networking option from your menu. Doing so will start the computer in Safe Mode, which makes it easier to remove any malicious software that’s infected your computer
  2. Open a web browser and download an anti-malware program from the Internet, such as Malwarebytes or Spyware Search & Destroy. These are available free to PC users.
  3. Open the installation file that you downloaded to install the anti-malware software onto your machine. After the software has been installed, started through the shortcut on your computer desktop.
  4. Use the Update option on software to download the most recent set of malware definitions. Once this operation is complete, you can use the Scan option to make sure that your computer is free of all malware.
  5. Use the Remove or Delete option to get rid of all malware that remains on your hardrive and then restart the computer.

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