How to Clean the Inside of Your Computer

How to Clean the Inside of Your Computer

Computers are comprised of a variety of mobile parts, such as fans. All the fans in the computer are crucial to ensure good operating procedure and to keep the system from overheating. If dust, dirt and grime prevents a fans from spinning, that stoppage cause the computer to overheat and seize up or crash due to hardware failure. Austin Mobile Computer Repair recommends cleaning your computer at least every 4 months or so to keep it in peak operating condition. Below find out how to clean the inside of your computer.

Cleaning your computer though does not consist of opening it up and blowing the dust around the fan and stopping for the day. First off, compressed air is required. If possible, you’ll want to clean the computer outdoors, rather than inside, so you won’t have to clean the room afterwards.

First, open the case. Many modern cases have simple release mechanisms, though with older computers you may need a screwdriver or other tool. To begin, clean the CPU fan. Test your compressed air first to ensure you get out any moisture collected inside from prolonged storage. Next, blow the dust out from the computers CPU heat sink located by the CPU fan. Several shots of air should remove all the dust collected there, particularly between the aluminum grills. Next, you want to dust out the power supply, including the dust just deposited there from cleaning the CPU fan. Stop the fan from the outside, and dust the insides of the grilles on the power supply. Most computers today incorporate a fan on the video card as well. You will want to dust this fan too, but using a pen or pencil to keep it from spinning.

Although these are the most important parts of your computer requiring regular dusting, there may be others. To complete the job, spray the entire case with the compressor including the RAM, all cables, the motherboard, and bottom of the case to rid dust deposited there previously and during cleaning. Now that you have cleaned your PC, simply replace the case the same way you removed it and you are finished.

If you need professional assistance in cleaning or repairing your computer, call on Austin Mobile Computer Repair at (512) 872-2811.

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